Two Tips for Musicians Who Are Starting To Write and Record Songs for the First Time

If you're about to start writing and recording your own songs for the first time, the advice here could help you.

Rent a few unusual instruments

In addition to using the 'normal' instruments you own to create and record your songs, you should also consider checking out some of the more unusual offerings on instrument rental websites and hiring a few of them. While it takes a long time to excel at playing any instrument, people who have both musical talent and experience with music can usually work out how to perform simple pieces on an instrument after just a few days of practice. As such, if you're already at the stage where you are starting to write songs, you should find it relatively easy to play basic melodies on any new instrument you pick up.

Hiring a few quirky instruments, such as, for example, a kalimba, a bodhran drum or a caxixi, and layering them with your normal instruments, such as a guitar or piano, will add depth to your songs and ensure that they stand out from the songs written by other musicians in the same genre as you. Furthermore, hiring these instruments will also mean that you won't have to commit to buying or taking care of them when you only need to use them for one or two songs.

Let any friends who you'll be recording songs with know which of your instruments are rented

If a few of your close friends will be acting as accompanists when you record your songs and they notice the instruments you've rented lying around, they might decide to try playing them (or, you may need to ask them to play some of these instruments when recording certain songs). If this is the case, you should let them know that you've rented these items.

If they think the instruments belong to you, and you often use or borrow each other's belongings, they might be a little bit too relaxed or even careless when handling them. They might, for example, not immediately clean up the few drops of coffee that they spill on the ukulele you've rented. This might then result in the instrument being stained, in which case you might have to pay a higher fee to the company you rented it from after sending it back. By letting them know that these are rented instruments that you need to be able to return in good condition to avoid extra fees, you can ensure that they will know that they need to handle these items with care.

For more information, contact an instrument rental service.