Two Tips To Follow If You Want To Gift Someone A Musical Instrument

If you'd like to gift someone a musical instrument, here are two tips to follow.  

Get advice from some music store staff

If you're getting the recipient an instrument with which you're unfamiliar or if you are unsure what type of instrument to get them, you should go to a music store and have a discussion about this with its staff members. They should be able to help you pick out a suitable instrument, rather than one that the recipient might not enjoy playing or might have difficulty playing.

For example, if you had been thinking about getting a soprano ukulele for the recipient because you liked the sound of some music that featured this instrument, and you mention to them that the recipient of this gift is a tall person with very large hands, the music store staff might advise against buying this type of ukulele, as a person of this size might find this tiny instrument hard to play.

In this situation, the music store staff may recommend that you get them a baritone or tenor ukulele instead, both of which are considerably bigger than the soprano ukulele and would, therefore, be easier for someone with large hands to strum and create chords on with their fingers. This would then save the recipient the awkwardness of having to inform you they cannot play the instrument or having to ask you to exchange it for a bigger one.

Ensure you get all of the accessories you need whilst you're buying the instrument

When you find the right instrument at the music store, you should ask a staff member if the instrument requires additional accessories. If it does, you should buy them along with the instrument. For example, if you buy a ukulele, it might be sensible to get an extra pack of strings, as beginner players tend to regularly break strings, due to being too rough with them when strumming. Similarly, if you're buying a clarinet, you might want to get some extra reeds (as the recipient will need to replace these every few weeks if they start playing the instrument regularly) as well as a cleaning kit (as a clarinet can become unsanitary if it isn't cleaned often enough).

Buying the accessories that are needed for the instrument will mean the recipient won't have to purchase these themselves when they first receive the gift and can instead just start having fun playing it.